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Flippa escrow

July 16th 2020 3:45PM
Jul 02, 2020 · Flippa offers a standard sales agreement for transaction ... A marketplace of thousands of websites and domain names for sale. From the ...

Why the secrecy about these sales?

July 16th 2020 2:15PM
... it “in the public domain”. Thus, council officials – and presumably relevant councillors – are quite content that such “secret” sales can take place and ...

News Corp's former finance chief Stacey Brown buys $3.6m Palm Beach digs

July 16th 2020 1:18PM
The deal was just a month after Brown and Price did an equally quiet sale on their Willoughby home for $3.4 million – well up on the $1.765 million ...

Melbourne auctions: Number of withdrawn properties may rise but those that proceed selling well

July 16th 2020 12:33PM
... private sale campaigns, Domain senior research analyst Nicola Powell said. ... “What we're seeing is conversions to other sales methods,” he said.

Google Forgot to Renew Rendering Indian Blogs Unavailable

July 16th 2020 12:22PM
The domain, however, is up for sale on Sedo – a marketplace for buying and selling domains. The seller has quoted a starting price of $5999 on the ...

NBDomain moves from alpha to beta phase

July 16th 2020 12:01PM
In a domain auction, individuals bid auction-style for the domains that are for sale; the domain ultimately gets sold to the highest bidder. This feature ...

Top sales: The multimillion-dollar Melbourne property deals during lockdown

July 16th 2020 12:00PM
Agents say while bustling open for inspections can't be held, they have been able to form relationships with serious buyers who are keen to find a home ...
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